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  • March 1, 2024

The Art of 3D Event Design & Rendering Services: A Case Study of “Jada 30”

What is 3D event design and how does it change the event planning industry?

In 3D event design we use computer software to create 3D models of event spaces. This allows us to visualize possibilities and plan the look and feel of an event. Picture this: Before any guest steps into an event, we can walk through every corner, see the lights, and feel the space as if it were real, all on a computer. That’s what 3D event design does. It’s like a rehearsal for the event but in a virtual world. This way, we make sure everything looks perfect before the big day.

Can 3D design make planning an event easier?

3D event design and product renders make planning easier by allowing us to see and fix any issues before they become real problems. It’s like having a sneak peek into the future of the event or the finished product. This careful, detailed planning saves both time and money by preventing mistakes and oversights. It also allows us to generate excitement in participants, investors, and sponsors of events and products.

How We Create a 3D Event

A. Building the Space
How do you design a 3D model of an event environment?

First up, we draw out the place where the event will happen. For “Jada 30,” we took the biggest ballroom in the Middle East and made it into a 3D model. We didn’t just guess the size and look—we checked out pictures and videos to get it just right. This helped us and the client see how everything would fit in the actual space.

B. The First Impression: The Entrance
entrance design
Why is the entrance design crucial in 3D event visualization?

The entrance is the first thing people see, so it has to be special. For “Jada 30,” we wanted to show off the event’s presence in Saudi Arabia. We divided the entryway into four parts, each one with a model showing a different area where “Jada 30” is known. Big screens around these models told stories, making people feel like they were part of the event’s journey.

C. The Heart of the Event: The Stage
stage design
How does the stage influence an event?

Good stage design is crucial to set the tone of an event, convey its theme, and create excitement and anticipation. For “Jada 30,” we designed the stage to be more than just a backdrop. We planned where every table and chair would go, using 3D to ensure each guest had the best seat in the house. It was about creating a vibe that would make the event memorable.

D. Bringing It to Life: 3D Rendering Services
What do rendering services do for 3D event design?

The final step, rendering, is where we add the sparkle. For “Jada 30,” we created detailed images, a dynamic video, and an interactive walkthrough. These let our client see what guests would experience, from the moment they arrived to the show’s end. Thanks to the Modern 3D software like Blender & Unreal Engine, we turned this all around super fast.

The Finale: Crafting Stories Through 3D Design
What 3D design services are needed to create an impactful event?

We believe that less can be more when it comes to design. Not every project needs an array of images, videos, and interactive elements to make an impact. What’s crucial is understanding what the project actually needs to make it successful. 

Here at MS3DStudio, we tailor our approach based on your project’s specific goals. We focus on delivering the right 3D services that will not just impress but will be exactly what your event calls for. It’s all about creating an experience that’s as unique as the event itself—no unnecessary frills, just the perfect fit for your vision.

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